Custom Branding Iron

Custom Branding Iron

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Brass branding iron made in the USA with a one week (or less) turnaround time.


Burn your own image, logo or signature on Wood / Leather / Food products.


Branding irons vary in sizes based on your logo and what size you choose. All brands are a maximum of 0.47" thick.

We are reasonable people, if something is not right with your branding iron feel free to reach out. We will make it right!

Follow these steps for purchasing:

1) Send us the image

    • Send us a scan or high-resolution picture of your image, handwritten signature, etc. and we can accommodate that on a branding iron. Or you can pick from one of our templates. Once we approve of your logo you can proceed to step 2. Send to

2) Select the size of your brand:

    • Pricing is determined by your largest dimension and rounded up (if need be)

    • Ex: If your brand is 2.5" x 2" then you would need to pick the 2" x 3" brand from the dimension drop down box, Brands that are SMALLER THAN 2"x2" are to be used with very simple logo designs

3) Select Handle Type(optional):

    • If you want a regular handle or an electric iron see the links below(or select from the drop down box above). Make sure the electric irons are adequate for the size of your brand. They are explained in the item description of each listing.
    • Regular Handle and Threaded Rod (manually heated)
    • 200-Watt Electric Handle (for sizes up to and including 2"x3")
    • 300-Watt Electric Handle (for sizes larger than 2"x3")
    • Or you can make your own handle with 3/8"-16 all thread that you can get from any hardware store

4) Consider Purchasing:



    • Gift Boxes: We do not sell gift boxes but these boxes are big and perfect for gifting branding irons in: