Puzzle/Toy Projects

Click pictures to see if they are still offered. Most recently designed puzzles are toward the top.

Sigrit Puzzle

Coming soon....at some point.

This puzzle is designed to pay homage to the small cases that people would put their cigarettes in, hints the name "Sigrit". This obviously has to be larger than the original cigarette cases so it can fit the mechanism inside but you'll still be able to fit cigarettes in it if you wish.

This will be made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and 3D printed plastic.

Cogas Puzzle

Mojo original puzzle made of brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. A sequential solve that's considered solved after you remove the brass lid. This was made to pay homage to one of the original unintended puzzles, the medicine bottle. Cogas, in Irish Gaelic means medicine.

OurGlass Puzzle

The first original puzzle that got our foot in the door of the puzzling world. Made of 2 machined parts and 2 pins, stainless steel and brass. This is a tough puzzle that almost relies on luck to solve. Once you get the 2 halves apart it's considered solved.

Triangle Peg Game

A remake of one of the most common games you'll see(especially at a Cracker Barrel). A large, all aluminum machined base with concave, spherical placements for each "peg". The "pegs" are all polished brass. This project was very short-lived due to slow sales. Nonetheless, it's a very cool piece of art to put on the side table.

Reuleaux Triangles

A desktop toy inspired by the desire to test the manufacturing capability of my CNC lathe in tandem with finishing on a small manual lathe. They really serve no purpose other than "they look cool" and you can fidget with them on your desk with a flat object.