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Hakko 200W, 120V Electric Heater for Branding Iron

Hakko 200W, 120V Electric Heater for Branding Iron

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Hakko 200W, 120V electric heating irons, For branding head sizes 2"x3" and smaller

This listing is for the electric heater only.

The Hakko electric iron is a brand name handle used for more industrial/heavy duty applications. The Hakko handle will withstand more abuse and last longer than the economy handles sold in the custom branding iron listing.

This electric heater will heat branding stamp with sizes up to 6 square inches

Actual product aesthetics may vary(but they will all be 200 watts)

1) Standard 3/8"-16 threaded studs is the standard size of threads for Mojo Mfg. branding stamps so there will be no additional cost
2) IF you would like a different thread size then you may purchase the brand with "Choose Your Threads" and message me the size of the threads you would like:

See the video for instructions on how to use the electric iron: