Making Custom Branding Irons

Now that I have been back in the shop I have started to broaden my product ranges. I have decided to start making custom branding irons. 

Branding Iron Product Page HERE

If you are wondering how I make them then this is the place to be. Basically, I take a logo that someone gives me. Like this: 

Then I can bring that logo into a software where it converts the edge of black color to a vector line. Then I can insert that file with the vector lines into a 3D modeling software where I turn that logo into a 3D model.

From that 3D model I can create a program so my CNC machine can run it and create the finished product. Cycle times on these branding irons range from 1 to 4 hours long depending on size! That is a long time for a machine to be running 1 product. That may be why you think the pricing on these products are slightly high.

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